RadChix is a rare collection of 1000 bad-ass RadChix NFTs. We noticed that many projects on Radix are collections of 10K NFTs with a 20-150 XRD price tag. This is a project for those who want to pay a little more for a lot more rarity.

Each NFT has traits that vary in their rarity. We noticed that a lot of NFT collections work out best for those who get there first and pick the rarest traits before others get a chance. We don’t think this is fair on people living in different time zones or even those who just happen to be busy when a new project drops! We have therefor decided that random allocation is the most fair way to distribute our RadChix!

RadChix is here to join the various other amazing NFT communities that already exist on Radix - and to create our own RadChix community too. We want to make Radix a better place for everyone!

Created by two Radix community members @silentsausage & @theslipperynipple (telegram)


Reserve your RadChix NFT based on our base model NFT (shown) OR if you prefer to wait and see the whole collection before you commit you can do that too - but be aware supply is relatively low! To reserve you RadChix NFT simply send 170 XRD per NFT to the address below - this is all you have to do for now!

If you want to reserve e.g. 2 RadChix NFTs then send 340 XRD. If you want to reserve 3 then send 510 etc. etc. This can be sent as one transaction and is preferable to sending multiple 170 XRD transactions if possible.

Please do not try and reserve more than 10 RadChix - the cap will be at 10 NFTs per person to allow for more of the community to get involved. This will be first come first served

If you send payment and we are already fully reserved (1000 reservations) you will be refunded your 170 XRD minus 1XRD to cover transaction fees and admin time spent on transaction - we hope you understand.

All NFTs are randomly allocated for fairness! Once you have sent your payment you will then receive a token that represents your NFT along with a number representing which one you have. You will be able to see the NFT that coincides with your number when the full collection becomes visible in the next couple of weeks. Please be patient with this process as it is a manual process at the moment and we do have day jobs!

Wallet Address


Join our telegram chat to keep in contact with us and more updates on the project.